Conclusion of the construction works in A33 (Baixo Tejo)

November 27, 2012 Road_3 Road_2 Road_1

The construction works in A33 (included in the Baixo Tejo sub concession) have been completed, after the opening of the last section between Coina and Barreiro. With this new connection it has been established a link with IC32 and it was closed the road ring of the Setubal Peninsula (A33/IC32).

The A33/IC32 is a 37 km motorway that connects Via Rápida da Caparica to Montijo. The section of new construction totals 21 km, between Via Rápida da Caparica (IC20) and Barreiro (Penalva Junction), and is subject to toll payment solely through a multi-lane free flow system. The section of A33/IC32, which was already opened to traffic at the sub concession agreement signing date, remains with no tolls charged to users.

The A33/IC32 is located in an area highly populated and urbanized, crossing several municipalities from the Tagus River South Bank (Almada, Seixal and Barreiro). This new road will distribute the traffic on the left bank of Tagus River, namely the itineraries between 25th April and Vasco da Gama Bridges (connections to Lisbon from the Tagus River South Bank).